Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Roundup.

Saturday morning I got up somewhat early to head to my parent's cabin.  I was pushing pedals by 6:30.  I figured the earlier I left the less likely I was to get wet!  The route is pretty easy: home to St. Joseph, Wobegon Trail to Garfield, head north through some decent rollers for 30 miles and I'm there.  The idea of riding the trail never excites me, but once I'm on it I don't mind it at all.
After I passed through Osakis it started to rain, hard at times.  Once in Garfield it stopped.  At my folk's cabin it never rained till later that night.  St. Cloud got 2.5" near my house.  Weather!
Despite the rain it was a great ride.  Not too hot or humid, the sun wasn't cooking me again, and I had a slight tailwind.  106 miles in a bit over 5 hours.  Tailwinds rule!

Sunday it was time to head for home.  I was on the bike around noon or so.  This time the sun was out, but very nice, and another tailwind!!!  Hell Yeah!  I took the same route to Osakis but jumped off the trail there.  I headed to West Union then south for a stretch.  Essentially I didn't want to run into I94 or the Wobegon.  So south and east were my routes.  Running out of time I eventually made my way into Albany, St. John's, St. Joseph, and home.  Another tailwind ride: 127 at 22 mph.

I tentatively thought about getting up early this morning to sneak a ride in but I didn't get to bed till later as half my family was at a different cabin and I hadn't seen them in 4 days.  Plus we had our weekend mechanic out sick so I'm heading into work early to get a start on repairs.  This week is pretty packed with stuff as well as more storms.  Riding will be a bit more tricky.  Once again I can't do TNR.  Jen and the older girls are off to the cities and I need to get Harper to dance/gymnastics.  Maybe in fall I'll be back on!

Time to go start Monday.

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