Friday, July 15, 2016

Wet and Windy.

I got a bit later start yesterday, 9:30, but I wanted to wait for everyone to wake up and maybe hang out a bit.  Ha!  They sleep so late during the summer!  Harper was still out when I left.  I was dragging my feet a bit too as it was overcast with a strong wind out of the NW.
Because of the wind I opted to take the river road (MRT...Mississippi River Trail) to Little Falls.  It's a pretty good route for NW winds, providing lots of tree cover and shelter.  Rain was in the forecast so I changed my route several times on my way to Little Falls.  About 10 miles out it started to mist and eventually rain, lightly.  Now that I was wet it didn't matter anymore so I pushed on to Little Falls.

I ended up doing the century ride that Noah and I did a month ago.  From Little Falls I went West on 27 to Dover Road, County Road 1.  This eventually brought me into refuel spot.  The rain was on and off up to this point, never anything crazy.  From Upsala on it mostly didn't rain.  The last few blocks from home it rained the hardest!
100 miles under 5 hours.  The legs felt good from the start, unlike yesterday.  A lack of any serious hills helps!
Working at 9 this morning thus an early morning ride.  The temperature is 60 degrees!

Happy Weekend.

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