Thursday, August 04, 2016

Back Home but Still no Riding.

We got back yesterday early evening from Madison, WI.  Jen, her mom, and the girls tagged along.  While I was at Trek World they explored Madison and hung out with Jen's brother.  Man do I love Madison!  Such a great town for cycling...even though I didn't do any.
Prior to heading to Madison we were back up at my folk's cabin for a wedding reception/celebration.  I did get rides in both Saturday and Sunday.  Ironically I brought my Evergreen to ride gravel but ended up on pavement both days!  Saturday I fell short of 100 miles by a few due to time constraints and Sunday Chad and I did an awesome 35 mile loop.
Sunday was the end of the Strava July Distance Challenge.  I randomly signed up but slowly got sucked into I do most challenges.  My goal became top 200 but as the end neared I was closer to 100.  I ended 106th of some 240,000.  July was a good, fun month for me.  August will be much more laid back.  I hope to get my first ride of the month in this afternoon.  Maybe mountain, maybe road.  Depends on much rain we get today.
Sunday is our mountain bike race here in town.  The shop is the sponsor and the club is putting it on, so I'll be busy the rest of the week with race prep.  I still hope to race the marathon class.  Should be a good time.

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