Sunday, August 07, 2016

Race Day!

Today we are hosting the Revolution Single Track Escape Mountain Bike race.  Usually it's mid September but it got moved up this year.  I believe this is our 11th year running the race!  I still stress a bit but not as always seems to work out just fine.
I was planning on riding the course yesterday but got a text that a few friends were planning a road ride.  For various reasons we haven't been able to ride together since the end of June!  Matt dubbed it the Band is Back ride...I was in!
Due to work, life, etc. I hadn't ridden in 5 days.  Nothing like jumping back in with a 75 mile road ride.  And I hope to race the marathon class (4 hours) today too!  No regrets, it was a blast.  I did hit up the North Loop to check out the course in the early evening.  I'm pretty excited for the new layout.  Mr. Anderson always has a good vision for theses things, while I just blindly follow along.  It was also my first ride of the season on my Salsa Spearfish.  Prior it has always been the single speed.  Man that bike is so nice.  I always forget how nice full suspension can be.

Time to rock...later.

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