Monday, August 29, 2016


Boy I've sucked at getting back into the routine of blogging.  Baby steps I guess, as I did get back to work and managed to have a solid week of riding.  Of course I was hoping for more riding but life happened and it's another week today.

The big ride last week was the Off the Back Century on Saturday.  I'm guessing about 20 or so riders showed up to tackle a century in overcast skies.  The group I was with was 9 strong.  While we never absolutely killed it we held a solid pace throughout.  The rain held on longer than predicted, over half the ride...the bike needs some loving.
The ride hurt more than I thought it would.  Maybe I'm not recovered yet from Gravel Worlds and my vacation, combined with a week of riding.  Either way it was still a blast to get out and ride with friends, it's been too long.
Thanks Greg for putting the ride together.

Happy Monday.

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