Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Mechanical.

Before work at 10 yesterday Noah and I met up at 6 to get a ride in.  While 6 isn't incredibly early, the lack of sunlight now makes it feel that much earlier.  We started out with front and rear lights.  I'm sure if it had been just me riding I would have shut the alarm off and rolled back over!

We cruised over to St. Joseph, hit up Seven Wonders, Avon, and Tower Hill.  At the top of Tower I attempted to shift the chain to the big ring.  No go.  Instantly I new my crank arm was coming loose.  I stopped to check and my thoughts were confirmed.  Even when I carry tools I don't have a 10mm hex wrench.  I finger (pinkie) tightened it and pedaled on.  Eventually I grabbed a stick and shoved it in the bolt.  This allowed me to tighten it some more but it would come loose rather quickly.  We still finished out the ride.  I just pushed more with the left leg.  Ended with 2.5 hours and 47 miles.  The crank arm has been securely attached once again!
Wednesday was the faulty CO2 inflator and Saturday the crank arm!  I'm good for awhile now.

Heading out shortly for a gravel ride.  Guessing mostly a combination of previous Dirt Bag courses.  Looks to be a nice day, if I can beat the wind!

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