Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Duluth by Mountain Bike.

Our normal, now annual, trip to Duluth to mountain bike is generally in June.  This year it was canceled for numerous reasons.  A rescheduled date was never put out.  Rather last minute Mike and I decided to make the trek to the North Shore yesterday!  Both of us are doing the Marji Gesik in a couple weeks and figured it would be a good tune up.

Once again Duluth did not disappoint.  We started out at Lester Park moving over to Hartley, Piedmont, and Brewer.  Just a bit over a year since we last tackled these trails we didn't expect too many new sections.  But they've been busy!  We found so many more connecting trails!  The Duluth Traverse Trail is coming along.  While everyone is all Cuyuna this and that I'd head to Duluth given the option.  They have flow trails, technical trails, old school (rocky and rutty) trails, and elevation...something for everyone.
We spent almost 6 hours riding 55 miles...not reaching many sections of trail in the above mentioned areas or even touched Spirit and Mission Creek.  So much trail!

Of course the day was topped off with a stop at Fitger's Brewery.
Not bad for a Monday.

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