Friday, September 02, 2016

Getting Back...Slowly.

After taking a break from riding, while on our family vacation, then racing 150 miles, I'm finding it hard to put on big miles.  It's not that I don't want too, it just hurts more than it used too!  It's coming back though.
Yesterday Jim and I met up for a 4 hour road ride.  The route (Lake Sylvia and beyond) was nothing new but still fun.  We just rode and chatted with no agenda.  Maybe it hurt some as we finished with over a 20 mph average and 92 miles.  I've ridden the past four days so plan on an off day today.  My yard could use some mowing too but I'm already pushing that off to later in my head.

Jen and I got a Salsa Powderkeg just before we left on vacation.  I hope to head into work early today to finish it up.  Maiden voyage this weekend!  I'd also like to get back out on some gravel.  Saturday will be two weeks since Gravel Worlds and my last time on gravel.  Inspiration 100 is a week out...time to get the bike ready!

Happy long weekend.
Bring on Fall!!

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