Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Goodbye Summer.

I assumed I wouldn't be able to ride yesterday.  We had a school function with Avery in the early afternoon, rain was predicted for most of the day, and I wan't sure if we were heading to the metro for a funeral we have today.  Leaving Avery's school it was all but sunny out and we decided to head to the metro this morning...ride time!
My legs had felt sluggish all day Monday so I was stoked that they felt as good as they did last night.  If I can feel like that for Inspiration this weekend I'll be happy.  I ended with 3 hours and 60 miles.

Getting rides in will be much trickier now that school is back on.  Morning rides, for the most part, are done.  I could get up super early and sneak 1.5-2 hours in but that tends to leave me dragging ass by days end.  I'm getting excited for night riding with lights, as I do every fall.  Brinna joined swimming this year so there will be the meets to go to, plus gymnastics practice, and a handful of other activities the kids are in.  Parenting!

Man I get spoiled in summer!

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