Monday, September 26, 2016


I finished Marji and I got my belt buckle!  But damn it didn't come easy!  I'll get a race report up later this week.  We got home around 4:30 yesterday.  That 7 hour car ride did not help my legs recover.  I'm walking like an old man today.  It's mostly my calves which hurt from the half mile run at the start.  Surprisingly the quads feel pretty good and the lower back has no pain.
I really thought about getting up early to get a spin in this morning.  But with a few in my family battling head colds I thought it best to get some sleep.  Going to bed last night I felt I had lost the battle but I'm feeling pretty good.

Riding this week is going to be tricky, which is ok I guess since the Heck of the North is this Saturday.  I'm pretty sure there is no riding today.  If I have any time it should be used to mow the yard.  There is a planned night ride this Tuesday.  Meet up in Clearwater at 6 for a few hours of gravel.  Hoping I can make it.

Time to wake the kids.

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