Thursday, September 15, 2016

Long Sleeves and Flats

First chilly morning yesterday!  I'm ready for it...only because it means different clothing.  Time to get out the long sleeves!  Shorts and a long sleeve jersey (and maybe a vest) is my favorite kit for cycling.
Yesterday I donned said kit, minus the vest, and headed south on cty road 8.  The plan was for 3 hours maybe a tad more if time allowed.  Almost to the end of county road 8 I got a flat.  No biggie.  However when I screwed my co2 cartridge into the pump head nothing happened.  The pin that "cracks" the co2 was missing!  Damn.  I texted a nearby friend, Brian, and he was home!  This is literally the 4th time he's saved my on cty road 8!  Thanks Brian.
I was back on my way but with no way to inflate a tube if I was to get another flat.  For me that is a nerve racking ordeal.  Thus I kept my ride a bit closer to home and easier roads to explain to someone should I need a ride.
No more flats occurred!  I ended with 2.25 hours and 45 miles.  Not what I planned but damn fine anyway.  Bluebird skies and nominal wind...gorgeous.

I'm working Saturday so I have a short shift today.  Rain is predicted (but the % is shrinking) later in the day but hoping to get 3-4 hours in.  Another swim meet tonight for Brinna.  Weeks are flying by!

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