Thursday, September 22, 2016

Marji Nears.

Yesterday was day 3 at the North Loop...and I'm not bored with it yet!  Maybe because all rides have  been under 2 hours and easy.  I wish Marquette (start of the Marji Gesik) wasn't so far away.  I'd rather not spin today and do so tomorrow but we'll (family and I) be hitting the road in the morning for our 8 hour journey to the U.P.!  So maybe I'll spin some after work or maybe not...go with the flow.  It's all mental now anyway.

While I love doing races and events I always lament them the week of.  It's because I'm a nut job!  I'd rather just continue to do my thing and put on as many miles/hours as my life allows.  So riding three days and getting 5ish hours in drives me a bit nuts, cause, well...I am!!

Time to deliver the kids.

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