Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pushing Pedals Again.

There was no time to ride on Monday but I did manage to mow my yard.  It has to be nearing the end of mowing season.  I had about a two hour window yesterday after dinner to ride.  But as is the norm around here lately it was super windy and started to lightly rain.  After going back and forth on whether to ride or not I finally jumped on the mountain bike and headed to the North Loop.  It was actually really good in the woods.  I met Nate there for a lap and did another on my own.  This was the first time riding since Marji and everything seemed ok!  I didn't put in any big efforts, just biked.  I had to bike to my folks to get their mail and hit up a section near the Mississippi on my way back.  About 1.5 hours worth.

The plan is to take the Evergreen out this morning for some easy gravel, 2-3 hours.  Then maybe an hour here or there the rest of the week.  Then the Heck of the North on Saturday.
Right now the motivation to dig deep and find that pain cave isn't very high.  I still have a few days to find the right frame of mind!

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