Friday, September 16, 2016

Rain Ride.

Well the reduced chance of rain disappeared and the rain won out.  At work I was bumming around and all but decided not to ride.  But then I remembered my "rain" bike...Surly Cross Check set up as a single speed with fenders.  I decided I'd take that out for at least a spin.  By the time I got going the rain at stopped and gave me an hour of no rain.  I headed down county road 8 to parts of the Dirt Bag (Huber and Grover).  The gravel, despite the rain, was riding fast.
It wasn't to last.  I noticed the skies were darkening and the inevitable happened...rain.  At this point I didn't care, bring it.  The fast gravel was replaced with soft slop.  Even with a full fender set sand was getting everywhere.  Every slight hill I had to stand up to keep moving.  Resistance training!  Perfect for winter riding, or so I told myself.
I finished with a bit over 3 hours and 55 miles.  I was stoked I pushed myself out the door.  I had a blast.
Then it was off to yet another swim meet, in Sartell this time.  Man it was so hot and loud!

I work tomorrow.  Originally I thought about getting up early and riding a few hours before work.  Now I'm not so sure!  We are still adjusting to back-to-school life, etc.  We are all tired!
However, Jen and I hope to take the tandem out tonight for 2ish hours.  Braap!

Happy Weekend.