Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Riding Dirt.

While not quite officially Autumn on the calendar, the start of school and the shortening hours of daylight are more of an indicator for me than a date on a calendar...so it's Autumn!  The best time to mountain bike.
With Marji this weekend I plan on shorter spins/rides.  My brakes on my mountain bike have sucked long enough.  I put on some new brakes, tires, and a wheel set I've had since last Spring!  I figured I should try it all out.  Having brakes that work is amazing!  Oynx hubs also blow my mind.  I am always surprised how nice instant engagement is, especially on the mountain bike.

Last Sunday the Jail Trail/North Loop was host to the high school mountain bike race.  Some of the best riding is right now!  700+ riders beat that bath smooth!  I got out after getting supper made and the kids off to gymnastics for an hour and a half.  I felt great and had a blast.  I'm getting excited for this weekend!

More Dirt tonight!

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