Monday, September 05, 2016


This past week I was able to finally piece together a solid week of riding!

Friday I was planning on not riding but I brought home our new bike, the Salsa Powderkeg tandem!  Jen suggested we go for a quick ride...I was in!  We only had about an hour so we took to county road 8 for a there and back.  At our turn around I noticed the rear tire was losing air.  I had set it up tubeless that morning.  In my haste to get going as fast as we could I neglected to bring a pump or tube.  Ugh.  The race was on!  About a mile from my parents house it was too much so Jen got off and and I continued on to my folks to get some air.  While not without hiccups it was a blast.  I can't wait to get on some gravel.  Maybe this afternoon if the weather holds.

Saturday Jen and the girls headed to her folks cabin and I headed out on the Evergreen.  Already at 8 the wind was pretty solid out of the south.  I did the start of the Dirt Bag and continued south from there.  I stuck to a combination of paved and gravel roads. I made my way was far as Lester Praire before heading west and eventually north.  I ended with 8 hours and 143 miles.  While I was tired at the start I felt pretty good at the end...finally!  Even had enough left to mow.

Sunday I got up a bit early for a 3 hour road ride before Jen and the girls got back.  Again the wind was strong and constant.  Makes the trip home that much better I guess.
Once Jen and the girls got home we loaded up the bikes, including the tandem, on both cars, picked up my dad and headed to the Soo Line Trail Head off Hwy 10.  We biked to Jordies in Bowlus for a late lunch and back.  Just 12 miles but perfect with the family.  Avery sat on back of the tandem with me.  I think that bike is going to see lots of use!

The shop is open 10-2 today and I'm working.  Jen and I may take the tandem out after but we also just may  make sure all our crap is ready for the start of school on Tuesday.
I'd like to take today off and ride Tuesday but the weather isn't looking too good.

I missed 500 miles on the week by 20 but managed 25 hours.  I happy with how the legs have bounced back, finally, from being out west and Gravel Worlds.  Hoping they feel good for Inspiration 100 on Saturday.

Happy Labor Day.

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