Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Round and Round at the Loop.

More dirt was had last night.  This time I met up with Jimmy, Noah, and Matt.  We all did a couple laps with Jim and I heading out for a 3rd.  Nothing crazy, just pedaling bikes, chatting, in the woods...awesome.
Not sure about riding this morning.  I'm guessing not.  I have to drop the car off for an oil change, it's suppose to rain, and I hope to get mostly packed for the weekend...all before work at noon.  But the chance for rain has lessened so who knows!

I don't think I've fully wrapped my head around the idea of the Marji (100 mile mtb race) taking all day, and possibly night.  My head tells me maintaining 10 mph will be manageable but the race directors keep saying finishing in 12 hours would be lucky!  I'm treating this more as an event than a race.  Not that I don't want to do well but I don't want to be frustrated the entire time either.  This is a "for fun" event.  Finishing in 12 hours or less gets you a belt buckle so this is the ultimate goal.  Finishing in 10-11 hours is the goal in my head.  If it rains I've been told this is out the window.  It's predicted to rain.

Hump Day.

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