Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunday Gravel.

I left the house around 8 on the Evergreeen.  I was kind of hoping for a North wind to switch it up a bit but South it was.  Per usual I headed down cty road 8 towards Huber and Grover (gravel roads on every version of the Dirt Bag).  The wind was picking up but it wasn't for another hour or so that is had a full head of steam.  The gravel was solid and riding very well.  I eventually veered off the Dirt Bag course and continued South and West.  I wasn't feeling "bad" but I wasn't feeling great either.  The legs barked up many of the hills.  They eventually did come around, it just took much longer than normal.
When I started it was pretty cool so I left my money at home, not thinking I'd need to stop to refuel.  I had two big bottles and a 70 oz hydration pack.  Yep...I ran out!  About 30 or so minutes from home I stopped at a park to grab some water.  I downed a bottle there and finished two on the way home!
Ended with a bit over 6 hours and 109 miles.  Laundry and vacuuming finished out the day.  I did get another birthday meal at my folks too!

The rest of the week will be pretty chill.  Marji Gesik is Saturday.  I'm thinking this will be both a physical and mental challenge!

Happy Monday.

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