Friday, September 09, 2016

Tune Up.

The Inspiration 100 is tomorrow.  As I've said before racing is almost more of a mental game than that of a physical least for me.  To help me get in the mode I like to head out for a longer ride before the event.  Not the smartest move but it seems to "sometimes" work for me!
Yesterday I headed out on the road bike down county road 8 once again.  Because of the west wind I eventually made that my direction going through Kimball, Watkins, and St. Nicholas before making my way home.  I ended with 90 miles.  I'm hoping for a few more weather days like yesterday!

After the ride it was go time.  Get kids, eat, and race over to Brinna's swim meet.  Damn those are noisy events!  Nonetheless I had a good time.  It's fun watching your kid perform.
Tonight we head up to the Schad cabin in Alexandria for the Inspiration 100 weekend.  Looking forward to it.

Happy Weekend.

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