Friday, October 28, 2016

A Day in the Saddle (Evergreening).

While driving Harper to school yesterday it started to rain.  No!  By the time I got home it had stopped only to start back up again as I headed out to the garage to get my bike.  It wasn't a hard rain, more of a mist, but enough to cause me to pause...should I wait it out?  I decided to head out.  The rain lasted most of county road 8 but then  it was done.  I wish I had strapped a rear fender on before I left.  The 'ol butt was getting wet!
Because of the rain I decided to skip the section of gravel I had planned on and hit some up later on.  While I didn't encounter any more rain I rode into lots of sections that it appeared to have just stopped, wet roads.  
I was about 30 miles out before I hit up some gravel.  It was good in spots and sloppy in spots.  I'd spend the rest of the day rotating between gravel and pavement, with more pavement (I and the bike were getting dirty).  Eventually I hit Watertown.  I pushed a bit more south and ran into the Dakota Rail Trail System.  I jumped on that and headed West till the end in Lester Prairie.  Heading North (tailwind!) and West (rotating) I hit the Luce Line Trail as well.  I headed West on that for a short stint before I came across a gravel road that looked too fun to pass up.  I should have as it looped around on itself and spit me out just a bit from where I started.  I stayed off the trail and made my way for home.
The home shot was pretty straight...Mcleod County Rd 2 to Wright Coutny Rd 3 (Cokato) to French Lake, to Stearns County Rd 7 (Fairhaven).  I ended with a bit over 7 hours and 133 miles.  I felt fine on the ride.  Not great but good.  I really enjoyed the ride however and avoided any metal melt downs!

Up early to be on the bike by 5:30 or so.  Afternoon plans have me riding before the sunrise.  Kind of looking forward to it...short, easy spin...Briggs Lake Loop...I think.

Happy Weekend.

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