Monday, October 03, 2016

Another Race Weekend Done.

We got home from Duluth last night a bit past 8:00.  Once again the Heck of the North didn't disappoint.  I am now two race reports down!  I will get the Marji report out today or tomorrow.  I am home with two sick kids so laundry, bike cleaning, and maybe blogging are on the agenda.
While I didn't win the Heck this year I am pleased with my performance and my 7th place finish.  We basically all finished together.  Details later.

Saturday is the Salsa Oremageddon 50 mile mtb race up at Cuyuna...yep another race!  I'm pretty excited for this one as Mike and I are heading up early Friday to camp and chill.  Despite owning the shop together we spend little time together.  It'll be great to just hang out.  Then the following weekend is the Dirt Bag.  Then finally there are no more races till the Riddle Box in December.  I'm ready to get back on the LSD (long slow distance) train.

Happy Monday.

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