Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Getting Used to Fall.

I'm usually reluctant to mention I'm feeling a bit "blah" about riding, as I get a ton of comments about being over trained blah, blah.  Honestly, it happens around this time every year.  Mostly it's the shrinking day light, cloudy skies, and school stuff (kids) that get me wanting to stay home and not push the pedals.  Monday was such a day.  I had lots of work stuff on my mind and it was a gymnastics night for the kids.  Instead of going for a ride I took the night off and went to gymnastics with Jen and the girls.
Tuesday I would ride.  But I felt the same.  I forced myself to go out, knowing I wouldn't be able to ride Wednesday due to kid duties.  Even if it was short I needed to get out.  That's all it takes...just getting out.  Even with cloudy skies, misting rain, and a seemingly head wind every direction I had a blast.  I took the Evergreen out on paved and gravel roads.  I ended up with over 3+ hours and 55 miles.  I forget how much I like riding with lights!  It makes old routes feel like new ones.
So yeah...just get out!
I need to remind myself every ride doesn't need to be some all day event.

Hump Day.

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