Thursday, October 27, 2016

Into the Rain.

I made it out!  When I headed out it was misting, flirting with being a rain, barley 40 degrees, and a solid headwind from the East.  I aired the tires on the rain bike (Surly Cross Check, single speed, w/fenders), lubed the chain, put on leg warmers for the first time this year, and pulled out the Search and State rain jacket (the best by the way).  My only mistake was not putting on shoe covers.  The feet got pretty wet and cold by the end.  I had some decent gloves on as well but the hands near the end also got a bit cold.  Yep, riding in the rain, in 40 degree weather isn't easy...but kind of fun.

I headed out past the airport (east) and made my way to some gravel.  Riding gravel may not have been the best of choices.  The gravel in parts of Benton County are already slow going.  Toss in a day of rain and the pace is really dropped!  I found myself standing on flats just to keep the pace up.  Downside to a single speed I guess.  I'd guess I did a 1/3 gravel and 2/3's pavement.  I actually had a really good time.  I went form not thinking I would get a ride to just a short ride to a 3 hour ride....and I had fun!

It's that time of year, however, when the hands need some time to get there fine motor skills back and a warm shower feels real good.
After getting the kids to school I'll jump on the Evergreen and head south for some exploring.  Looking forward to it.

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