Saturday, October 15, 2016

Into the Weekend.

On Wednesday I did get a solid ride in with Matt.  We left my house in the direction of the Dirt Bag course.  The old route used a lot of the current course but doesn't venture as far south and had a few extra loops.  The gravel we did ride was pretty much "hero" (hard and fast) gravel.  But just getting to the gravel was work.  Man was it windy!  Windy seems to be the theme of this fall.  It was great to get out with Matt and great to get 4 hours in and still make it to Brinna's swim meet with time to spare.

After work on Friday there was no way I was going to fight the crazy wind out of the south.  I only wanted a spin so I hit the North Loop up for a bit over an hour.  You know it's windy when you can feel the wind inside of the North Loop!
Our busy weeks and weekends have caught up with the Dooms.  We had a lazy Friday night: pizza, Netflix, and maybe some Ben & Jerrys.  We were all in bed earlier than any night of the week.  We whoop it up on Fridays over here!

When I found out the makeup date for the River Falls, WI MTB race was Saturday and not the presumed Sunday (day of the Dirt Bag) I strongly considered doing it.  Last year it was one of my favorite races.  I got the go ahead at home but in the end opted out.  During the week we (the family) see each other but it's so systematic that it sometimes feels like we don't.  So this kept me home as well as my back.  It's finally making a turn for the better.  Mountain biking is what aggravates it the most.  Plus there are some solid hills at River Falls, sure to toss my back into fits.  Yeah I'm a bit bummed I'm not going but glad too.  So a spin today and the Dirt Bag tomorrow.

After the Dirt Bag it's time to just ride.  The Dirt Bag will be my 4th weekend in a row racing, with the shortest race being 4 hours.  I'm a bit tired! to the road bike and another South wind.

Happy Weekend.

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