Friday, October 07, 2016

It Works!

At the Heck of the North last weekend (yeah, yeah race report coming) I crashed near the end of the race.  During that crash I took someone's pedal to the back as they passed me.  It was in the middle of my back on the spine.  It was a hard enough hit that it knocked the wind out of me for a second.  Since then the pain has been about the same.  It seems to be mostly muscle.  Yesterday I got out on the mountain bike for an hour and forty five minutes.  While road and gavel biking doesn't seem to aggravate my back mountain biking does.  Which makes sense with all the pulling and twisting.  Last night, after my ride, my back was the worst it's been.  Which bummed me out as I have a race tomorrow, on the mountain bike.  I had Jen put some KT Tape on last night, not thinking it would do much.  I am not sure if it was time or the tape but holy crap the soreness is all gone!  Whoa!  Maybe this voodoo tape works.  Pain free is pain free!

Mike, Charlie, and I hope to be on our way up to Cuyuna this early afternoon.  Mike's bringing his camper, which may come in handy with temperatures hovering around freezing tomorrow morning!  Should be a great time.

Happy Weekend.

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