Saturday, October 22, 2016

Not a good week for posting!
It's MEA week so it was a short 3 days of school, but damn if those three days weren't jammed full!  Then toss in a sick kid and poof, it's the weekend.
My mom takes our 3 kids and my sisters 2 kids on a mini vacation every MEA.  This was to be Harper's first time going.  She was still a bit under the weather on Thursday so we kept her home so she could nap well and hopefully be good to go.  I had taken time off of work too so Jen and I could hopefully do something, but with a sick kid plans were really never made.

While Harper slept I got a nice ride (gravel) with Kris and Kyia.  Later that afternoon Harper was ready to join her sisters and cousins.  We dropped her off on our way to the championship Lynx game.  That was a good time.  I hope to get the girls to a game next season.
Harper wanted to come home so we picked her up on our way back to Cloud Town.

Friday she was doing great so plans were made to bring her back, this time to stay the night too!  Jen headed to the cities and I headed out for a road ride.  The winds were predicted light but they sure felt strong to me.  I headed south on 8 to 24 making my way to Waverly and Winsted.  At least the wind stayed constant so I was able to enjoy a great tailwind on the way home.  I ended with 106 miles.
Shortly after my finish Jen showed up and we went our for dinner...just the two of us!  We tried to go to a movie but the options weren't great and the one we agreed on only had a few seats left.  We opted out.  The Andersons invited us over for a sauna so we headed that way.

Today Jen is meeting up with her mom so I'm hooking up with some friends to ride a solid day on the gravel.  Looks to be almost perfect.  I love light and variable wind with sunny skies!

While not the getaway we envisioned we are having a good time nonetheless.  We don't have "date night" often, or at all, so anytime we do it's a win!

Rock the Saturday!

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