Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Rained Out.

Yesterday there were rough plans to ride some night gravel.  But as soon as those plans were made they started to fall apart with the forecast for rain.  Even without the rain the wind was pretty ridiculous as well.  Once I got the kids to gymnastics I had planned to hide from the wind and beat the rain in the woods.  But the rain came earlier than predicted.  I turned the ride into a day off and did some crap around the house.
It appears the rain is done.  I work at noon today so hope to get out on the road bike.  It's been a couple weeks since I've been on that bike.
Overall this week will be a low mileage/hour week.  Sick kids, rain, events, and such are making it hard.  With another race on Saturday I guess that's ok.

Time to go rip the covers off the kids.

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