Monday, October 31, 2016

The Weekend.

Not a bad weekend at all.  After getting up early to ride on Friday I decided to sleep in some on Saturday before heading to work and ride in the afternoon.  I had wanted to ride mountain bike that evening but it rained most of the day.  The rain bike got the call up once again.  Because of the rain I wasn't too sure how the gravel would be.  Turned out is was just fine.  A bit soft in spots but the majority of it was great.  I zigged and zagged North and West.  I kept going "just one more intersection" till I turn for was one of those nights!  I ended with 3 hours.

Sunday 5 of us met up at 9 to ride the road bikes.  It's been awhile since we've done a road group ride.  Man was that fun.  We were "just riding" so no attacks or crazy pulls, just riding on a great fall day.  It did stay chillier than I thought it would but then again it is the end of October.  We fell just shy of 4 hours.  Pushing me over 20 for the week.  It's been a long time since I hit that.  School, work, weather, etc all playing a role.

Shortly after getting home we started to carve pumpkins and go buy the Halloween candy.  We can't buy it any earlier or I'll eat it.  Not sure why I am the one to go buy it...I always buy way too much!

I may head out for a short mtb spin after the festivities wind down tonight but guessing I'll just go to bed too!

Happy Monday.

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