Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wednesday Chaos.

I usually work noon-8 on Wednesday.  This week,however, Jen had conferences to I had kid duty.  No biggie.  Ha!  Wednesdays are chaos!  Leave work, pick up Harper, pick up Avery, stop off at home, get dinner, pick up Brinna, drop off Harper and Avery at church stuff, bring Brinna home, get her food, bring Brinna to her chruch stuff, pick up the other two kids, get them ready for bed, snack, and bed.  Jen does this every Wednesday, blah!  So yeah,  no time to ride.

I get to grab a solid ride this afternoon.  Heading out for some Dirt Bag recon, it's on Sunday.  Then it's off to Brinna's swim meet.  Yesterday I learned the makeup date for the River Falls MTB race is this coming Saturday and not Sunday.  That got me thinking!  That may be too much: marathon MTB race and the Dirt Bag.  I may let the weather decide this one.  May be raining there on Saturday.  If so I am out.

The roster was posted for the Arrowhead 135 last night.  I'm in, as well as some good friends doing it for their first time.  This makes that race and the prep up to it all that more exciting!


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