Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Monday...Another Skipped Ride.

I failed at riding yesterday.  As of late Monday's, and sometimes Tuesday's, are hard for me to get out and ride.  I think mostly because they are the most "normal" nights we have as a family.  So for me to leave for a ride I would miss the hanging out and such.  Also I tend to ride the rest of the week so a day off is nice too.
Currently it's lightly snowing and is predicted to do so most of the day.  I hope to get out tonight on the fat bike and make some tracks.  I'm guessing more of the same Wednesday.  I do really want to get out on the gravel but even with studded tires on the Surly I'm a bit hesitant...getting soft.
If it snow a lot I may have to start skiing again!

Let it snow.

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