Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Not Always About the Bike.

Zero rides this week thus far.
Monday Jen was done early and offered to come to gymnastics but I knew she has tons to do, which is easier without kids, so I told her to go home and do her thing.
Tuesday I had planned to head out for 4-5 hours once I got the kids dinner.  Jen wouldn't be home till 7 or so but they would be fine.  I had lights and bottles on the bike and food, etc. laid out inside.  After dinner my stomach hurt a bit so I laid in bed and went through Twitter.  Truth be told it wasn't that bad and I was more tired than anything.  This is the first time this "light" season that I've lacked motivation to head out in the dark.  Harper came up on my bed and we watched silly YouTube videos.  One was with Legos.  Next we were building with Legos.  She kind of busted my balls earlier about riding so the decision was made...not to ride.

Of course, me being me, I obsessed about it with the traditional emotions of guilt running through me.  I know it was the right choice but damn my brain doesn't let me think that very easily!  Plus my pants are fitting tighter this morning now!  Kidding!

Both Monday and Tuesday I could have easily gone out at 8:30 for a bit but that hasn't yet entered my thought process as ok.  I'm usually in bed between 9:30 and 10:00.  Rest is good too.
This morning Noah and I are heading out for 3 hours on the road bikes.  Thursday will be a big day again.  How long has yet to be determined.  Had the week gone as planned (in my head) Friday was an off day and Saturday was an early start (5:30) before our Nordic Team Day at the shop.  Rain and snow are now predicted with gusts of wind up to 40+ mph for Friday night and Saturday.  Not sure I want to battle that on a skinny tire bike, studs or no studs.  I'm still waiting a my fat bike to show up.

Time to ride!

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