Monday, November 28, 2016

Last Big Week, for awhile!

Since riding the studded rain bike 100 miles on Thanksgiving I've been out exclusively on the Evergreen,  all on paved roads however.
With Jen and the girls at her folks I didn't have much to do besides work and ride.  Friday I got 83 miles in riding to Howard Lake and back.
Saturday I was a bit tired so I did a small Briggs Lake Loop before work, about 32 miles. Working over the Holiday weekend is fun.  Lots of people and everyone is usually in a good mood.  The days go by fast.
There wasn't much on TV (we get about 6 channels) Saturday night so I went to bed early to ready for Sunday's ride.  I was on the bike by 5:15.  I had a route in mind but wasn't sure on how far or long I would go.  Kind of depended on the body and mind.  The weather was weird.  It was just below freezing and a thick fog.  I and my bike eventually became covered in a sheet of ice!

I pretty much did a East then West route.  I did travel South a bit too, but not much.  I ended up going through both Zimmerman and Princeton.  I had the Garmin on the map page but was watching the time on my watch.  At Princeton it was time to head for home.  There wasn't much but there was a tailwind making the push a bit easier.  I made it home with 5 hours 17 minutes and 100.3 miles.  Again, funny how that works out!  I didn't do any add miles to get to 100.

November for the past few years has been a big month for me.  With the holiday season now upon us life gets busy in December.  This November was no different.  I piled on the miles and saddle time and will get what I can now in December.  Last week I just missed 25 hours and 390 miles.  Since October 10th I'v averaged over 300 miles and about 20 hours.  The next two weeks I hope to get 12-15 hours.  As much as I dislike intervals I hope to incorporate those in once, maybe twice, a week too.  Not sure if I'll start that before or after the Riddle Box race in Sioux Falls on December 10th.

Even though I worked the weekend it's still a Monday...back at it.

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