Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Night Gravel.

What a night!
It started out with me biking over to Matt's house to meet him for some night gravel.  When I left home it was still close to 60 degrees.  I knew it would cool off once the sun dipped past the horizon but I wasn't ready for how cool it got.  Both Matt and I dealt with cold hand a good portion of the ride.  Oddly enough I started to get the "screaming barfies" (when the blood starts to flow back into your hands and starts to sting) near the end of the ride.  This usually doesn't happen till I'm at home for a bit.
We essentially did parts of the Dirt Bag course in reverse.  I'm always amazed at how a ride I've done numerous times can be so different at night!  It's like a new road.  We had our yearly encounter with a raccoon.  Man those things are so funny looking when they try to go fast.  Matt just missed t-boning the poor guy.  We were also chased by a few dogs.  This always freaks you out a bit, especially those that come in hot and silent...boom, there they are!
I ended with 3 hours 50 minutes and about 71 miles.
At home I sat down to watch the election unfold.  My voting preference didn't fair too well.  Yeah I'm bummed but the other side has been bummed too.  We should be in store for interesting times.  Curious to see how it all unfolds.  The school referendum for our area finally passed, by a short margin, so we will be getting a new High School.  But this comes with mixed emotions as well,  It's pulling the school from the downtown area and putting it out on the far South side.  Space is key I guess.
OK enough of that.

Back to biking!
Maybe tonight.

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