Friday, November 04, 2016

November Miles.

During Fall months I usually get Thursday's off.  This works well, allowing me to get a big ride in and ready for my winter races.  Yesterday the small amount of wind we had was out of the N/NW.  Usually this bugs me as it's easier to hit gravel and explore when the wind is out of the South.  But because I had more time I was excited to get back and explore more of Todd County.

I took the River Road to Rice, crossed the Mississippi River, passed through North Prairie, and made my way towards Upsala.  Before I hit Upsala I headed back North on gravel roads.  About 90% of the gravel I rode was "hero" gravel, hard pack and fast!  I passed through Sobieski and Flensburg on my way to the Swanville area.  Instead of continuing West I opted to venture North of Highway 27.  In the past I haven't as I would hit Highway 10 but I figured I was far enough West that 10 had made it's turn North.  The gravel and views were amazing!  Ran into some new to me towns: Browerville and Eagle Bend.  Also Clarissa but I had been there before this summer on the road bike.

I really didn't have a timeline but I also wanted to be done when the kids and Jen got home.  I ride with my Garmin on the map so I wasn't sure of the time.  When I finally looked I was an hour over of the time I thought I should head for home...oops!  I still wanted to explore but knew I needed to turn for home.  Having a time crunch now I stuck to mostly paved roads with a few gravel sections too good to pass up.  The wind we did have did little to aid me in my return, further extending my arrival time at home.
I was 6+ hours in when I ran out of fluids.  I've yet to stop, besides to pee, so I was in search of a town.  As always, when you want one they are hard to find.  I eventually came upon St. Rosa.  I was parched and so hungry.  I've been meatless for almost a year now.  The hardest part is gas stations.  I didn't want more sweet stuff but small town gas stations don't have much call for veggie sandwiches, cheese pizza, or even bean burritos.  Yep, another Snickers.

I made it home in 9 hours 16 minutes and 172 miles.  Man I love my Evergreen.  A perfect ft.

I opted for sleep this morning over an hour spin.  Maybe this afternoon...maybe not.

Not 100% sure on this weekend.  I have the backyard of leaves to pick up, gutters to clean, and ready the garage and shed for winter.  But I'm sure there will be riding too!

I was told of the Sandhill Crane migration going on at the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge.  I know that area pretty well from riding.  I guess there is the perfect spot and I know where so I'm hoping I can get the girls out there this weekend too.

Happy Weekend!

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