Monday, November 14, 2016

Onto The Busy Week.

Well last week I was able to put in more ride time than I imagined.  We had a pretty busy week at home and two ski swaps on the weekend for work, but still managed 21+ hours (384 miles).

Saturday Mike and I got home form the Brainerd ski swap around 2.  I was cleared for a ride but man I was I feeling lazy and tired.  Jen had to run Brinna to a swim meet so she could time so I put Harper down for a nap...that about did me in!  Before I fell asleep I pulled myself from her bed.  I was out on the road bike by 3:30.  The wind was whipping out of the SW with some force.  I immediately put the Garmin to the map as to not see my speed.
Sunday the alarm went off at 4:45.  I laid there contemplating whether I wanted to get up or not.  I finally got up around 5:20 or so.  I was out on the Evergreen by  6 heading for parts of the Dirt Bag course.  We had another ski swap at 11:00 and I wanted to be home to hang with the family some before heading out. Despite having to get up early I love seeing the sun come up on a ride.  It's very motivating.  The energy the sun gives is pretty amazing as well.
Well I made it home to hang with the family but we spent the hour and a half power cleaning!
Both days I got about 3 hours and 54 miles or so.  Not planned just worked out that way.

Now this week will be tricky!  Gymnastics tonight and Jen has first aid training till 7 or so.  Tuesday Jen is getting a haircut.  Wednesday we are hosting a fat bike clinic at the shop.  Thursday I will get a long ride in.  Saturday is our Nordic Team Day at the shop and Sunday is another Ski Swap in Mora.
Riding will happen, just not sure when or how much.
Go with the flow Benny!

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