Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ride, Ski, Run, a new Bike...?!

I took Monday and Tuesday off from riding to give the body and mind a break from the previous month.  I must have been tired, I went to bed with Harper last sleeping by 8:30!
This is where the neurotic me comes in: should I take another day, should I ride, should I...

I want to ride but the weather is spitting rain with the occasional snow flake.  Perfect for the rain bike but it has studded tires (not needed right now) and as soon as I change them it will be time for studded tires, ha!
I really want to ride the fat bike but I like to baby that and not get it too dirty right off the bat, it's still new after all.
I canceled my gym membership this early summer after having it for 12+ years.  Days like today I wish I still had it or that my knees allowed me to run once in awhile or we had actual snow and I could ski...yeah I want to ski! 

My current bike lust is the Salsa Cutthroat.  I tell myself I could ride that in whatever and not care about it, but I know I would and would be right back in this current dilemma.  Nonetheless I still really am digging on this bike!  Maybe someday.  I have two bikes I should sell before getting another: All City Nature Boy and my first "gravel" bike the Salsa La Cruz.

Time to go wake some kids.

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