Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Spinning to Clear the Gunk Out.

After a big week last week my legs were tired yesterday.  If I had obligations I would have not ridden and been fine with it.  But I had nothing after 5:30.  Prior to that it was a mad dash to get all 3 girls home, make dinner, and get them ready for gymnastics.  Because time allowed I jumped on my mountain bike and headed over to the North Loop for a spin, and a spin it was.  But man that helped open up the legs and clear out my head.  I figured I'd do one lap and head for home, but I felt so good I did 2 laps, messed around at the 10th Street Quarries and took the meandering route home.  Man, so glad I headed out.

With Daylight Savings ending having the lights charged and ready is a must.  At 5:30 it was already dark.  Because of the warm weather the early darkness feels exceptionally weird this year. If things work out tonight I'll be tossing the lights on the gravel bike and heading North while the results of this election start to roll in.  North because of the wind direction not because I'm riding to Canada!

Go Vote!

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