Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Ride.

Such a bummer it's floating around freezing.  We got a good amount of snow on Tuesday night...for central MN as of late.  But it's already compacted and melted a bunch.
I did get out and ride my fat bike for 3 hours yesterday morning and had a blast.  I had more fun in the fields and such versus mountain bike trails.  I've never liked riding mountain bike trails in the winter and now that they are mushy and slick even less.  I admit I really, really miss biking on snowmobile trails.  But I get why the DNR doesn't want us on them.  A downside to the popularity of fat bikes.

Boy was I tempted to stay in bed this morning!  Mostly due to the weather...30 degrees and a blah.  I had hoped to take the fat bike on gravel roads or even the Evergreen but not today, just too messy.  So the studded rain bike gets the call into duty.  I'm guessing I don't need the studs but also not planning on swapping out tires.
Not sure how long I'm going.  See how I feel, I guess.  I've come to bike 100 on Thanksgiving in the past but on the studded rain bike that may take longer than I have or at least longer than I should be out.
Time to push the pedals and find out.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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