Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Rain Bike now has Studded Tires.

I was a bit bummed yesterday when the morning rain never really switched over to snow.  I was hoping to ride my fat bike but instead made the switch to the rain bike, which now has studded tires.  Before I could even entertain the idea of not riding I changed into cycling gear as soon as I got home.
I started down county road 8 and made my way for parts of the Dirt Bag course.  Man studded tires on a single speed that doesn't spin freely, into the wind, with accumulating snow makes for a slow ride.  Solid resistance training!
The gravel was, well meh.  Because it was warmish out, around freezing, the gravel was either sloppy or the once hard packed snow I cut through like a pizza cutter.  Again resistance training.  Even with full fenders I was getting some pretty good spray of slop on my boots and tights.

Mid ride the freezing rain/snow mix switched over to snow and slowly stated to accumulate.  It's a bit amazing the difference a 1/4" or so of snow can make on the effort required.  By the time I got home there was maybe 3/4" of snow.  At home I found Jen and the girls were gone and I had not brought keys with me.  Back on the bike to my parent's house to get a spare set.  Doing so got me to 50 miles and 3.5 hours...yep slow!

I haven't stepped outside yet but from the looks of things we got maybe 4" of snow.  I work at noon so the fat bike is getting called into action this morning!

I usually get a big ride in before the Thanksgiving festivities start, as I will again this year.  I'm just not sure on what bike.  I'm guessing it will be sloppy so most likely the rain bike but that's not my first choice.  I was hoping either the fat bike or Evergreen but I don't really want to destroy either one of those with road slop.  May be a last minute decision.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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