Thursday, November 03, 2016


This fall has seemed pretty damn windy to me, almost spring like.  Yesterday and the rest of the week, however, are almost perfect.  Per usual on Wednesday I worked at noon at the shop.  Thus I got out for a solid ride beforehand.  I took the road bike and headed into what wind there was. Going by glass lakes made me smile.  Unlike Tuesday my legs and soul felt good pushing the pedals.  Ended with 3.5 hours and 70 miles.

Today the wind is a different direction but just as low.  It's been awhile since I've explored gravel NW of town so that's today's plan.  Getting out to the Swanville area is a haul but worth it.  Great roads and with great vistas.

In my head yesterday I thought about getting up early, 4:45 or so, on Friday to spin before work.  This morning that thought went through my head as I wished for more sleep...not looking good!

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