Friday, December 30, 2016

Back on the Fat Bike.

Ten days after I last rode my fat bike I got out on it again.  Because of a strong NW wind and getting called into work to close I kept the ride close to home and in the woods.  I headed over to the River Bluff trails and Plum Creek.  Just getting to the trails I was super glad I had the studded tires on.  There is just so much ice out there, more than I remember in years.  Once on the trails it was hit or miss if studded tires were needed, but for the most part a must.
This photo is of the field at the bottom of the boat landing.  Overall still really good snow cover, considering we got an inch of rain on Christmas.

Hard to tell from the photo but this is the boat landing at the River Bluff Trails.  The steepness isn't shown very well in the photo.  Studded tires and 28x50 gearing got me up no problem.

Plum Creek proper was ridding very well.  Really a few corners and one hill were icy but otherwise studded tires really weren't needed.  Despite not loving winter single track I did a a loop and a half.  Very fun!  Ended with a bit over 2 hours.

My hand didn't like riding on the icy, rutted trails.  The constant pounding definitely hurt, even with a tape job.  I actually wonder if the tape made it hurt more.

On the smooth trails and road my hand didn't hurt too bad which gives me optimism for the Fat Pursuit.  They get so much snow and the trails are groomed nightly it should be relatively smooth riding.

I had to head into work to close last night so I spent some of time getting my "race" wheels ready.

I really should, and want to, test them out prior to going out west but there is just so much ice right now I'm not sure where I would ride them!  I'm guessing I'll do some road spins this weekend.

I may or may not get an hour ride in today before work at noon.  It's either an off day today or tomorrow.

Time for more coffee.

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