Thursday, December 08, 2016

Better than the Trainer.

With winds gusting up to 25+ mph and temperatures in the mid teens I opted for the fat bike yesterday.  I stuck to the SE side (all on the east side of the Mississippi River).  South of Riverside Park is the Talahi Woods.  South of of that, in a valley, is a section of land that used to be farmed (long ago) then a gravel path was put around the perimeter for residents of a housing development up the hill.  I've never come across another person down here so it's gone to the wayside.  But I like it. I did 4-5 laps (I don't remeber).  Before saying "how boring" sure beats a trainer!
I then cruised over to Sand Prairie.  In the back SE corner there is an underdeveloped loop that I did a few laps on...again better than a trainer.
After a full run through I made my way back up the hill to the North Loop and finally a quick jaunt through 10th Street Quarries/Friedrich Park.
2.5 hours and 23 miles.

Being the first "real" cold day I dealt a lot with the first time out issues: cold hands and feet.  Nothing serious just takes me a few rides to acclimate the body.  Another chance will be on today's ride.  I would like to take the fat bike again but figure the Evergreen should get pulled out to give it the shake down ride prior to racing it this weekend in Sioux Falls.

The weather forecast for the Sioux Falls area has been all over the place.  The amount of snow is up in the air but anywhere from 1-6" and a lot of wind!  Should be an interesting race.  I was bummed it was rumored to be 107 miles but stayed 75.  Now I'm glad!

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