Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Cookies and Wind.

When Harper found out her older sisters didn't have school (teacher workshops) and she did she was pretty bummed.  Monday morning I put a text into Mike and plans were made for me to pick Harper up when she was done with the school portion of her day at 11:00.  She was stoked.  When we got home and she saw her sisters were still in their pajamas she raced upstairs and put hers on.  We spent the day making Christmas cookies and hanging out.  It was good!

I was going back and forth on riding. Ha, me?!!  Early afternoon it started a rain/sleet mix.  But I still had plans to go.  Once dinner was done I got ready to roll.  I figured the roads would be dry enough so I took my Evergreen.  Yeah they were still pretty wet.  Wet enough that I wondered if it had rained some more and I missed it.  Also the wind, damn.  I knew it was suppose to be windy today and tomorrow but I didn't know it started in last night.  At times I was going 13 mph into the wind.

I had planned on ridding the full length of county road 8 into Becker but the wind changed my plans rather quickly.  I ended up doing a modified Briggs Lake loop with an extension tossed in to get 2 hours in.  The wind at one point ripped my right contact out.  I'm ok riding with one contact but do much better in the daylight and with the missing contact being my left eye.  I can close my left eye and focus on whatever with the right if needed.  I can't close my right eye, funny.  I was surprised how blurry and difficult to navigate it was with a missing contact at night.
But I made it home!  2 hours 12 minutes for 37 miles.

Today is an off day from riding.  Every off day I say I'm going to do a core workout but just do worthless crunches in front of the tv.  Maybe I will toss a plank or two in tonight...maybe.

Crazy winds today and tomorrow with much cooler temps...almost below normal!  Finally.  Now just for the snow.

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