Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I headed in to work a bit early to slap the studded tires on the fat bike, install the 28 tooth chainring, and flush the original grease from the BB and put in some cold weather grease.  During the process of changing the tires I was reminded how weak and sore my right hand still is.  I struggled just to swap out the tires.  This really bummed me out.  I left my bike at work so Chris and Noah could finish what I couldn't.  Because this was the bike I wanted to ride last night I already called off riding.
I did get an appointment at CDI to take another look at my hand for later today.

Once home I decided I needed to just get out and ride no matter the distance.  I only rode a bit past an hour but man that did wonders for my attitude!  I took the studded rain bike but even with studs the amount of ice out there made it a bit nerve wracking.

I will most likely get the same type of ride in this morning before heading to my appointment.  I wish I could find the results out then and there but it usually takes a day or two.
It really doesn't hurt too much while riding but if I was to get a flat I may be screwed!

Fingers crossed.

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