Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Full Moon Fat Biking.

Something about a cold winter night that makes me want to burrow in the couch with some blankets and just veg out.  After I made dinner last night I was really lazy and tired.  Even if I only went out for an hour I was going riding.
I really just wanted to see how the hand would react to riding.  Overall it did very well!  I did my SE Fat Bike Loop (Talahi Woods and Sand Prairie).  Despite the snow arriving a couple days prior to my ride I was laying down a lot of first tracks.  Once again no speed records were broken, but lots of fun was had!
I nailed the clothing (not too hot or cold), the bike (carbon Salsa Mukluk) worked flawlessly, and I was feeling pretty damn good.  I really wanted to spend more time down at Sand Prairie packing in a trail but time was ticking by too fast.  I ended with 2 hours and 13 miles.  I'm guessing I will pretty much do the same route this morning before work at noon.

Thursday I'm off and hope to get a longer ride in.  I'm just not too sure where yet.  Most likely a out and back on the Wobegone Trail.  The idea always sucks but once I'm riding the trail, it's really not too bad.

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