Thursday, December 15, 2016

Full On Fat Bike Now.

Yesterday's fat bike ride was real similar to Tuesday Night's ride.  Down in Sand Prairie I did put in a few extra laps in the back SE corner, in attempts to beat in a trail.  I also decided it was time to test the ice on the pond.  It held!  So I will now have another little loop to add to the routine.  FYI the ice is snow covered with no slip.
Today, after dropping Harper off at school, I will stop by the shop to pick up my fat bike.  Wobegone time.  I talked myself out of riding the Wobegone several times yesterday but in the end it's the best option.

This weekend I had wanted to head up to Cuyuna and ride the trails up there, with some gravel tossed in.  I looked at the True North Basecamp availability and it's all open.  But in the end it just seems like more work and money than need be at this time.  Who knows, I may change my mind and head up anyway!  Sort of thinking about hitting up the Soo Line ATV trail too.  Grumblings of a Saturday morning ride around town are surfacing as well, but I'm looking for a bit more I think...maybe not.

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