Monday, December 05, 2016

Global Fat Bike Day and Christmas Trees.

Because I rode more than I should have on Thursday I took Friday off.  Ideally there would have been time for an hour or less spin but I had a movie date with my girls!

Saturday an impromptu fat bike ride was put together for Global Fat Bike Day.  We met up at the shop at 10 and headed over to Quarry Park.  I'm always amazed how much time you can spend cruising through Quarry.  Such a fun place that I only hit up a few times a year.  

Photo Credit: Kyia Anderson
Quarry Park

From Quarry he jumped over to Plum Creek and the River Bluff Trails.  At the end some headed back to the shop and their cars while others headed over to Java John's home for coffee and baked goods.  I had left the girls home with a to do list so figured I best get back.  I did take our million dollar trail again, putting me over 3 hours and 33 miles.  Man that was a fun ride!

Saturday night into Sunday we received a dusting (maybe a bit more) of snow.  Just enough to make everything messy.  I took out the studded rain bike and headed towards parts of the the Dirt Bag course.  The gravel was hard packed but still sloppy.  Even with full fenders I was getting some back spray.  I took a few different turns at the mid point to see where roads I always overlooked went.  Glad I did, I now have a little different route if time allows.  Again over 3 hours with 50 some miles.  This put me between 14-15 hours on the week.

I think I have more time on my rain bike this late fall/early winter than any other bike!  So glad I have it.  It's currently a single speed, which I prefer for bad conditions...less to go wrong but I am strongly thinking about making it a geared bike.  Riding it single sometimes makes it hard to go at a certain effort, especially now that I have studded tires on it.  I may start watching for closeout parts.  A 1X setup would be ideal.
The Rain Bike.

The rest of the day was spent decorating (I watched) the Christmas Tree we got on Saturday.  Man the kids go nuts this time of year!
I'm guessing this week of riding will be similar to last week with the Riddle Box race in Sioux Falls coming up this weekend.  If I was really tossing all my cards in for this race I would have had an easier last week and also this coming but it's more of a training race so the legs won't be going in fresh.  I'm pretty excited for the weekend.  Last year the race and all that goes with it (road tripping, hanging with friends, restaurants, etc) was a hoot.

The plan is to get a 2 hour ride in this evening after dinner, but we all know my track record for riding Monday nights!

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