Saturday, December 31, 2016

Into 2017 with some Goals.

2016 is coming to an end, as every year does.  This year I've used Strava more than the other two years I've been on it.  Usually it's just a summer thing for me.  I like numbers but I don't like numbers...I can get obsessed a bit too easily!  But this year I started in mid March and have used it pretty consistently for the year.  So there is a 2.5 month (or so) gap missing but this is the closest I've ever known how much I ride in a year...I've never kept track.

For 10 months on Strava I have 12,470 miles.  With the missing months and missing rides (without a Garmin!) I would say I'm getting close to 15,000 miles on the year.  Yes that is a lot but people ride more and more isn't always better (by that I mean I'm not going to try and beat 15,000).  For me riding is doing what I like and I like longer rides...a lot.  But they are just rides, if I want to become faster I should really do some interval training/structured workouts, etc.  
A cycling goal this coming year is for me to start doing some intervals (speed work) and not being so focused on hours or miles...numbers.  But if I really hate and loathe it I will stop and just ride.

Many scoff at making a New Year resolution or setting out goals.  For me I like it.  I didn't start in January last year but February when I was done with my winter races.  This year I gave up meat and focused on a plant based diet.  I wasn't vegan by any means but I (and my family) ate way more produce than previous years.  I haven't had milk in years but still eat some cheese, eggs if they are in something, and too much ice cream.  I don't miss meat at all and don't plan on going back...yet.
This year maybe in January but most likely in February again I hope to reduce the amount of sugar I consume.  This will be so much harder for me than giving up meat.  Mostly because everything made for eating while on the bike is made with a lot of sugar.  Plus I have a gigantic sweet tooth!  I look forward to the challenge...sort of.

Happy New Year!

Races I plan or hope to do in's a work in progress:
-Fat Pursuit January
-Arrowhead 135 January
-Ragnorok 105
-Dickie Scramble
-Chequamegon 100
-MN MTB Series races, marathon
-Dirty Kanza, if I get in
-Le Grand du Nord?
-DAMn (Day Across MN, gravel style)
-Heck of the North

And I'm sure more!

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