Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Day.

Well I made it a full day at work yesterday!  The first 2 hours felt like 6.  But as the evening progressed I was getting better and better.
The plan this week was to ride 4-5 hours today but I'm pulling that.  I really, really want to ride but figure it's best to chill one more day.  Plus Harper doesn't have school and was to go to my folks but I figure she and I can hang out.

I'm such a nut job when it comes to not being able to ride.  Despite knowing rest and recovery are just as important as riding I struggle every time it happens, ha!  Plus I went to the doctor last Friday to get by hand checked out, it's not broken (but still hurts), and they weighed me.  Even though it was after lunch, I had 3 liters of water for the day, was wearing shoes, a big jackets, and Carhartt's I was bummed at the weight.  That's why I don't weigh myself!  Coo coo!  So of course I'm not riding so I must be getting bigger!  And so it goes in the mind of Benny...

Getting rides in the rest of the week will be a challenge.  Friday I work and we are doing our family Christmas at home that evening.  Saturday (Christmas Eve) we have two events in the Cities, Christmas we will still be down in the Cities for another gathering.  Then it's suppose to rain, snow, and sleet.  Monday is Christmas at my folks.  Man the holidays are nuts.

But rides will happen!

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mj haf said...

You got weighed AFTER lunch with gallons of weather, clothes, shoes & jacket on?????? You are coo coo. I take off as much as they will let me....