Friday, December 16, 2016

Learning on the Wobegon.

Yep, the Wobegon Trail (out-n-back) wasn't too bad...actaully dang fun!  By the time I got the kids to school, my bike picked up at the shop, and to the trail head in St. Joe it was about 8:30...ahead of my 9:00 planned departure time.
It was still below zero and this caused some issues, enough that I sould question whether I've done this before or not!  The first half hour of riding my body tends to overcompensate for the cold and pumps out too much heat.  After this time period it chills out and goes back to regular output.  I unzipped for 10 minutes to regulate some heat.  That's all it took and bam my hydration hose froze!  Yes it the water was not in the tube blah, blah, blah.  I did have a 24 oz thermos so I used that for the rest of the ride.

Because I wore my socks out to the trail head they were a bit sweaty.  I dealt with a cold left foot for an hour or so.  Actually got off and ran a bit.  My hands always do this but still annoying.  My left hand was cold on and off for a good 2 hours.  I get that hand under control and the right hand takes over...ugh.  The same thing happens in long races too.  For whatever reason the hands give up trying to annoy me around 6 hours and I'm good to go!

At my turn around point, about 3 hours, I checked the Garmin battery life...28%.  The back up battery pack I brought was charged but the cable was faulty (deemed later at home) and wouldn't charge the Garmin.  In the back pocket the Garmin went.  It lasted the rest of the ride.  Kind of interesting to know that at -3 degrees outside (according to the Garmin) it was 37 degrees in my back pocket, under my jacket.

The trail itself was about perfect for what I wanted.  I nice snowmobile track down the middle and fluff on the sides.  I took turns flipping between the two.  Even the snowmobile track at these cold temps was slow going.  Perfect for a long, slow resistance ride.

I ended with 6 hours and 43 miles, slaying it!

It already snowed about and inch with 6-8 predicted through tomorrow!  So jacked!  I'm still not too sure on my riding plans for tomorrow.  I'm leaning towards the Soo Line as they are further North and are predicted to get a bit less snow.  Tomorrow morning not much, if anything will be groomed are beat down.  However it is cold so the snow will be light and fluffy, really allowing riding anywhere.

Happy Weekend.

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